Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jai Ho Democracy Thamasha Ver 0.1!

After all the Happy moments Jai Ho of SlumDog created across the Globe starting from Golden Globe to Academy Awards, it is pathetic (from my perception) to hear Congress is using this for their Election Campaign. The think-TANK (or SINK-TANK) of the party has extended that strategy to using of Slumdog kids for their Electoral Campaign.

Welcome to Great Election Season 2009 (aka IPL 2.0) - Jai Ho Democracy Thamasha -Ver 0.1.

Ver 0.1 has just begun with what we are seeing the pre-electoral mess
  1. Untouchables indulging in romance like SP & Ex-BJP Supremo
  2. A Old Maantrik (Joker -??) leading to form a Third front
  3. Amma insisting on Horor-scopes of the prospective candidates
  4. Unmarrying(BJP-BJD), re-marrying, rogue-marrying(some cadidates list coming from History sheeters)
  5. Pati & Patni lookin for WOH (?) like in some Regional groups in South
  6. A tamasha of Bihari CM going to Slumdog in a rickshaw
  7. Huh................
the list might be quiet big for a strong political writer.

It is v sad to sit in our competitive neighbor's land (@ SHanghai), envy their infrastructure (for not having one in our very own Bangalore) and think of how shameless our political (ill) leaders are - who have succesfully, constantly, succesively, simultaneously ignored our Infrastructure.

The below Bangalore Traffic mess video is a good example of how bad is the result of our democratic process which fails to showcase Bangalore Physical Infrastructure on the World Map which is known for Software (is it Coolies or Knowledge Labour or Cheap Labour) or are there some Steve Jobs out there in around Million IT geeks.

Anyways once again Welcome to Jai Ho Democracy - 2009!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

MastCoffee on iLike

Mast Coffee is on iLike. YOu can add to your blog as well using the below button

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mastcoffee.com Launched!

Chinmaya launching mastcoffee.com. Chinmaya studying in Class IV @ Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Bangalore is a passionate Cricket Lover and a enthused fan of Portugal Footballer Ronaldo. A passionate Food Lover, Chinmayee is very cheerful and loves to experiment in making different kinds of coffee for the mastcoffee team.
Mast Coffee is a Virtual Lounge for Coffee, Music and Book lovers. Team @ MastCoffee has composed a reggae song on coffee for all coffee & music lovers to kick start.
The team behind the song are
  1. Sameer - Lyrics, Male Lead Vocal, Music Director
    Sameer is an Entrepreneurial Music Director, thinking and delivering out of the box music, consistently. His prior hits have been the Urban Lads Explosion - I - the first ever Kan-glish (Kannada English) Rap Album and the well acclaimed Thaakath song - Royal Challengers Fan Club Theme song.
  2. Chaitra - Female Lead Vocal
    Chaitra currently is a Leading Playback Singer in Kannada Film Industry. She has more than 250 Kannada movie songs to her credit. She has been a part of Corporate and Private Performance along side with bignames like Hariharan, Udit Narayan, Gurukiran, Shaan, KK, Malgudi Shubha, Anuradha Shriram.
    Chaitra is a meritorious Engineering graduate in Information Science. Her passion for music has motivated her to opt out of a lucrative software job.
    She has won the Best Play back Singer Award from the Govt Of Karnataka for the song "Huduga, Huduga" for the film "Amritadhare".
  3. Ravi R H - Lyrics, CEO @ mastcoffee.com
    Ravi - An IIMB alumnus, is a decade veteran in IT having worked in varied Technology Domains like Digital Video Standards, Video Conferencing & VoIP Apps, Mobile Applications and Enterprise Applications. Ravi's passion towards Music, Writing, Entrepreneurship and Innovation led him to mastcoffee.com where his focus is on application of Entrepreneurial Style of Management to less explored areas like Music and Writing.
You can download the song here.
Mast Coffee is giving away Mast Coffee Album CDs, Chethan Bhagat's latest novel The 3 Mistakes of My Life and Sandeep Singh's Business Of Freedom to its visitors on their Virtual Lounge. Do sign in and try your luck in winning the same here.

Do refer your friends to this Virtual Lounge here.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Bhangra Michael Jackson - Time to Turn Off RC Switch ON Anything Else!

After a dismal Performance by Bangalore Royal Challengers team, the time to move on with life beyond RC. The performances by RC team has been disgusting and more sacking is pretty much needed which can give some winning moments both for team as well as for the hardcore fans like me. Else, just move on, and the below one could be the nice way to kick the Start!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Saurav Ganguly Yet another Shame of IPL!

After the student, it is the teacher of the cricketing class belonging to the same school, showing the disrespect and crossing the lines. It is so shameful of Saurav how he defended himself and was pointing finger at Warney's behavior. (Though it was very evident that he was refering to his off-field rather than on-field behaviour). It really shows the character of Saurav and how desperate he appeared, to save his a..! Once again the game was brought to disrepute by these idiot Millionaires, who can focus on cricketing skills and performance than Childish nature of "U did it and so we do as well" kind of attitude. Shame Saurav Shame!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thaakath Song debuts on World Space

Thaakath Song debuts on World Space Kannada Sparsha Channel. It was aired thrice today. Interesting aspect is Sparsha is accessible on Internet for the INternet buffs. YOu can visit http://www.worldspace.in/worldspace/channel.php?channelid=1 and click on the Thaakath Song, you will get a playlist which lists 3 links. Link1 has Karnataka Ranji Captain Yere Goud cheering Thaakath Song for Bangalore , Link2 has Vijay Bharadwaj Former Karnataka and India PLayer, Link 3 has Anoop - Kannada Music Director cheering the Thaakath Song for the Bangalore RC team! Thaakath is every where! But yet to reach the team i guess in terms of Performance! :)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Harbhajan - Cricket's Shame!

Harbhajan created history in disgrace by slapping fellow Indian Team-Mate Sreesanth! The incident such a disgrace to game of cricket, cricket lovers and the whole IPL stake holders. It was very sad to see Sreesanth sobbing like a young kid, that could probably tell the degree of trauma he went through. Never heard such kind of an incident even in a gully cricket forget about professional cricket. It is good to see the immediate reaction from the IPL COmmisioner, , but to hear frmo the Mumbai Indians spokesperson saying the Entire Team is behind Harbhajan. Does it mean the Legend, Sachin also backs the Turbanator who physically assaulted opponent degrading the Gentleman's game? It was so good to see the way turbanator batted in an easlier match. All his heroics are gone to dust in a sheer madness of 5 seconds. BCCI should give extreme punishment of Life ban showing the world, we not only criticise strong sledging from opponents as well as our own players! Rest Bhajji's skills to his home!